At Covenant, your kids will experience the love of God in an engaging, exciting environment. Our teachers and leaders foster a safe and Biblically-based environment for your kids to learn foundational truths. 

Covenant Kids Nursery (Birth – Two Years)
A loving, nurturing nursery ministry is provided during all of our services. Your child is special to us, and we want his/her first impressions of church to be positive as they begin to learn about and experience the love of Jesus.

Covenant Kids Pre-School (Three Years – Kindergarten)
Young hearts and minds receive a spiritual foundation of Biblical truths with our dedicated teaching team through Bible lessons, engaging worship music, crafts and play time.

Covenant Kids Elementary (1st – 5th Grade)
We love to partner with parents in leading a child to a personal and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ. Providing a fun, safe environment where children learn about God, His love for us, and His plan for our lives gives every child the opportunity to make a decision to follow Him.




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Would you rather be able to control the weather or have the ability to talk to animals? ...

Hey Covenant Kids! We hope you are having a fantastic Monday!

This week's main point is: When I pray, God leads me!

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We can’t wait to hang out with you at our 11 am service!

✈️ This week has flown by ✈️
Join us for Saturday with Covenant Kids on our YouTube page premiering at 10 am or live on Sunday during our 11 am service!! We can’t wait to see you there!!

Happy Friday!!
Who is excited that they get to sleep in tomorrow?

Learn About Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a four-week leadership training program for 8 – 12 year olds who are interested in serving and leading in CovKids! The program helps these young students develop their leadership, discover their purpose, and make a difference through serving in a variety of ways in CovKids.


Learn About Champions Club

Champions Club is a Covenant Kids classroom designed especially for children (preschool – 5th grade) who are differently abled in a physical, neurological, or developmental way. We offer a low student to teacher ratio, as well as use tools and activities that calm and promote sensory stimulation.

We follow the same Bible based curriculum as the other preschool and elementary classes. The lessons are tailored to the unique needs of our students in a way that is engaging and accessible for each of them. To request more information, click the button below.

Learn About Child Dedications

Child Dedications is an event for your family to dedicate your child or new baby to the Lord.

On the day of, we will have reserved seating for your family at the 11:00 am service, and then our pastors will host the families following the service. Our pastors will pray for and dedicate each child and baby.

Family and friends are invited to celebrate. We will have cake, refreshments and a photographer to take photos.