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A Father’s Blessing

A father’s blessing can be very powerful. Don’t ever think it is too late to bless your children and tell them what they mean to you. It is so important they hear words of affirmation from their father often. Here are two different blessings you can speak and pray over your children.

First Fruits Family Devotional

Hey families! Here is a quick devotional you can discuss with your kids on what it means to be a cheerful giver and why we should give our firstfruits!

Family Values Exercise

Family values are the character qualities we commit to living out in our family, and the characteristics we desire to pass on to our children. What values determine the way you live your life? What values do you wish to pass down to your children? This exercise will help you determine some family values so you can leave a Godly legacy!

How to Handle Fear

What do we do when the fear our kids vocalize is the fear we too feel inside but we can’t possibly let them see? Here are a couple of things we can do when it comes to wrestling the fear in our lives and the lives of our kids.

Hope For An Anxious Child

Anxiety can look different in children, teens, and adults. We don’t always have the answers on how to comfort our kids, but here are a few tips on how to give hope to an anxious child.

Launching Children into Adulthood

LAUNCH Release Your Child to Embrace Independence Recommended for ages 17+ We’ve all heard the phrase “failure to launch” describing young men and women who don’t make the transition into responsible adulthood. Unfortunately, many parents inadvertently keep their children from growing up due to overprotection and lack of intentionality. Whether your son or daughter is […]

Helping Your Teen Experience Peace

There are so many things going on in the lives of our teens that are out of our control. Even in the midst of the growing pains of adolescence, God wants our teens to experience grace and peace! Here are a few steps to help your teen experience peace!

Helping Your Student Be a Good Friend

One important part of your job as a parent is to help your students navigate the relationships in their lives. One way you can do this is by making sure you are asking the right questions. Here are some tips on how to help your student be a better friend.

8 Tips To Help You Disciple Your Child!

One of the main problems we have as parents is that we expect way too much of ourselves when it comes to discipling our kids, and when we can’t live up to the expectations, we feel like failures and often quit. Here are some tips to help you live out every day discipleship.

Rite of Passage

Give a Vision for Adulthood Recommended for ages 16+ WHAT IS A RITE OF PASSAGE? A Rite of Passage is a special event signifying a transition from one stage to another. This is an ideal time to affirm and help your child anticipate and prepare to accept God’s plan for the future. Challenge your teen […]

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