Make the fall of this year a rich and rewarding season! With 21 Days of Prayer, we get intentional about joining together in our faith, and lifting each other up.  Get ready to experience God like never before. Expect to draw closer to Him, to hear His voice more clearly, and to gain a deeper understanding of His word. We have plenty of resources for you, like prayer guides and scriptures, to help guide you on this journey. And what a powerful journey it will be!

Join us for a time of prayer every Wednesday morning at 6am at the Carrollton campus. Then again on Sunday, September 26th at 6pm for a night of Revival. Come out – get recharged and renewed!


When God’s people get together with a spirit of expectation, anything can happen. Join us for revival September 26th at 6pm. In this atmosphere charged with faith, you’ll get fresh inspiration and a new sense of purpose. Don’t miss it!

Sunday, September 26th at 6pm

In-person: Carrollton Campus

Midweek Prayer

When you feel a step behind and stressed out, there’s a way to get back on track. Starting each morning with prayer gives you peace and confidence for the rest of the day. Set the coffee pot and join us for morning prayer every Wednesday at 6am, in person or via livestream on our website/Cov Live app.

Every Wednesday at 6am

In-person: Carrollton Campus

Online: Wednesdays, 6am CST

Prayer Guide

This simple prayer book is a guide for you to use as you pray. Using several prayer models out of the Bible and having some guides to make prayer more personal, this booklet is designed to help bring joy into your time with God.


Submit a Prayer Request

Let us know how we can agree with you in prayer during this season.