Purpose + Freedom + Passion + Brotherhood

If you need a new vision of manhood, if your searching for belonging, if your passion has faded and freedom seems like a distant dream, then The Return is for you. The Return is a 4-day experience at our lodge. Your lodging, bedding, meals, and transportation to and from Covenant Church- Carrollton are provided.

At The Return men are tethered together in a common fight against the deception of the enemy. It is a place where you can unpack your heart in a safe environment where you will not feel guilt, shame, or condemnation but be loved and encouraged by other men. It is an event where men come to understand that they are not alone nor have to hide their issues. The Return provides a setting where God’s light shines into those dark places and lies are replaced with truth, thus setting men free!

Brotherhood + Peace + Mission + Truth

Today we know that many of our returning veterans, the sons and daughters of our country, are hurting. Divorce, suicide and PTSD among veterans are at an all-time high. The separation, not fitting in and the lack of “mission” are leaving our veterans feeling lost. The effects of physical and emotional injuries have left many in pain and confusion not knowing what road to take to recovery.

Heroes Return is a 4-day journey of God-seeking, self-searching and spiritual training designed to unlock the pain and wounds that keep men from experiencing authentic and distinctive manhood. Veterans and first responders are surrounded by a “squad” of men who serve as “wingman” to each Hero.

We create a setting where truth replaces lies and men are restored, healed and made whole.
Heroes Return is for any of our country’s veterans and first responders, no matter where or when they served our nation and communities. It is a safe place where men can get free of guilt, shame and anger. Men get “off the grid,” find camaraderie and answer the call to authentic manhood.


Register for one of the dates below. Cost is $499.00, you will receive transportation to/from the Lodge, all meals, accommodations, and materials. A $150.00 deposit will secure your space.